Poet. Coach. Guide.

I began writing poetry when I was ten. Even then, writing became a safe space for me to make sense of my life. I went on to earn a BA from UC San Diego and a Ph.D in Russian literature from the University of Bath, UK. I took a break from writing poetry to have a family and live in many exotic locations with my husband and three children. During that time, I also trained in yoga, meditation and life coaching. After the youngest child went off to college, I started publishing my poetry. I have poems published in the anthology, Rumors Secrets and Lies, Poems about Abortion, Pregnancy and Choice, Write-Haus, and The San Diego Poetry Annual.  I am interested in the big and small moments that make up our lives, in the search for self and the inevitability of change, and what distinguishes us and what unites us as human beings. In my work as a coach and guide, I focus on helping others in their search for self, through writing, meditation, breathwork and gentle yoga. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me at: twzafft@gmail.com.