Getting hooked!

Post No.11—October 28, 2014

It isn’t the content of our movie that needs our attention, it’s the projector. It isn’t the current story line that’s the root of our pain; it’s our propensity to be bothered in the first place.

-Pema Chodron

We know what feel like to have our buttons pushed.

If we have enough presence of mind to understand what is happening, we try to understand where the feelings are coming from and separate our current situation from the past. But, according to Pema Chodron, we can go one step further. She suggests that it’s not our “drama” that needs our attention; rather it’s our tendency to get upset, to be “triggered” or “hooked”.

We can recognize that thoughts are static; they come and go. And, we can stop these thoughts. This doesn’t mean that we repress our thoughts or feelings; rather we don’t attach as much importance to them. But, how do we deal with the strong emotions?

Pema Chodron mentions a four-step process with the acronym FEAR:

F-Find the feeling in your body.

E-Embrace the feeling.

A-Allow all thoughts to dissolve.

R-Remember that others are sharing your pain as well; you are not alone!

So try this exercise next time your buttons are pushed. It’s not easy. Allowing thoughts to dissolve takes time and practice. Breathe them out, and be patient with yourself. Give yourself permission to feel. Give yourself love, compassion and the space learn what the present moment is teaching you. This, in turn, will enable you to give the same love and compassion and space to others.

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