The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.

-Joseph Campbell

We talk a lot about unity, Oneness, non-duality. But sometimes in this discussion, we lose sight of the fact that we are each different manifestations of this Oneness—and expressing our particular brand of this Oneness is why we are here.

Yet society, our families, religion has told us who we are, what our values should be, and what we should be believe. And because we want to be part of the tribe, to belong, to be loved, we let them shape our sense of self. We conform. Or we reject, rebel, do the opposite. But somewhere in between conforming or reacting against is a space where we can be a vessel through which Oneness can flow.

How do we get to that space? Is it found in a book? A retreat? In the words of a guru?

It is as close as your heart. The answer to the question of “Who am I?” is found in the journey of life itself. In stumbling, questioning, being confused, trying things out, and opening more to the life force that is already flowing through us.

And this, as Joseph Campbell so eloquently expressed, is the great privilege of a lifetime—being you. Your particular brand of Divine. We walk around with our heads down, as if we are asking for permission to be here, begging for acceptance and wishing to fit in.

But you are here for a reason. To be YOU. Because when you are YOU, you are fulfilling your purpose. And the whole world benefits. Don’t let another moment go by waiting for permission.

Close your eyes, let it flow.


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