Walking the talk

The hard truth is that spiritual realization is relatively easy compared with the much greater difficulty of actualizing it, integrating it fully into the fabric of one’s embodiment and one’s daily life.

-John Welwood

It’s challenging to bring our spirituality into every day life—to walk the talk. We can sit for meditation, read an inspiring book or go to a retreat and feel a deep sense of peace, clarity, and love. But what about when we’re faced with a screaming teenager, we have problems at work, or we are fighting with our partner? What about when we are doing mundane tasks like washing the dishes or scrubbing the toilet? Or what about when we are spending time with family or friends who push our buttons? Very quickly, the spiritual platitudes we recite to ourselves can go out the door.

So how can we walk the talk? How can we integrate the truth of our spirit and our being into our everyday life?

Love. It’s the answer to most questions. Simply love.

We stop trying to be perfect and we love ourselves. We stop expecting life to be perfect and we love what is. We stop trying to expect others to be perfect and we love them—exactly as they are, buttons pushed and all!

Walking the talk isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being real, about being whole—mind, body, spirit. It’s about losing it in front of your loved ones and asking forgiveness. It’s about saying sorry and forgiving others. It’s about treating each moment as the miracle it is—an opportunity to see the Divine in a new and sublime form, and taking it for what it is.

It’s about coming back to the breath and reminding ourselves that yes, it’s all ok.


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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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