Most human beings are a few good years behind the curve of their own transformation.

-David Whyte

Transformation can feel a bit like Dorothy arriving in OZ—we’ve been living a black and white existence and in the blink of an eye, everything is in Technicolor. And we scratch our heads and wonder how long we’ve been deluding ourselves with our previous way of being or perception.

When David Whyte speaks of us being behind the curve of our own transformation, I believe that he is speaking of this delusion—of our clinging to old narratives and staying in our comfort zone. In essence, by clinging to old irrelevant ways we are choosing not to be in conversation with the totality of our life experience. We are unintentionally seeing and hearing only what will confirm our previously held beliefs, rather than opening ourselves to the wisdom and mystery of life.

Why? Because it’s terrifying to open to the mystery! This requires us to trust in something greater than ourselves, to let go of habits, and to open to a multiplicity of many perhaps new and frightening experiences. But the choice is simple—we can cover our ears and eyes or we can open to life with open hearts and open minds.

And we can cultivate this openness through awareness. We can do this in simple sitting meditation—by observing our breath, the sensations in our body, and the thoughts and feelings that come and go. We can cultivate awareness in our walking, our conversing, our eating, and in simple acts like washing dishes.

This heightened awareness helps us see all the intricate parts of the universe that are communicating with us and we gradually begin to open to the fullness of this conversation. And it is this open heart and open mind that will lead us through our many transformations and allow us, like Dorothy, to step out onto the Yellow Brick Road and see where life takes us.


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