My family is embarking on a new and exciting adventure! No, we aren’t moving again. We’ve decided to adopt a primarily plant-based/vegan diet! Now, you might think it isn’t such a leap, especially since I’ve been a Raw Vegan for years. But, while I would be making my green juices and dehydrating my flax crackers,Continue reading

I’ve been reminded lately of the beauty of the Serenity Prayer, and how important it is to find a balance between surrender and being proactive. We so often swing to extremes. Surrender can turn into complacency and entitlement, and being proactive can turn into perfectionism and a need for control. So how do we findContinue reading

My five-month old puppy is teaching me about mindfulness! In particular, he is teaching me that it is my responsibility to teach others how to treat me. On our first day of puppy classes, the trainer explained that it is essential to establish yourself as the alpha in your relationship with your dog. Otherwise, theContinue reading

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the concept of regret. It’s something I usually avoid feeling because just one drop of regret sends me into a tailspin of shame and self-loathing. But I’m learning that regret doesn’t have to involve any shame. Consciously feeling regret means looking at a particular act or situation andContinue reading