My family is embarking on a new and exciting adventure! No, we aren’t moving again. We’ve decided to adopt a primarily plant-based/vegan diet!

Now, you might think it isn’t such a leap, especially since I’ve been a Raw Vegan for years. But, while I would be making my green juices and dehydrating my flax crackers, I’d be grilling steaks and scrambling eggs for my family. I never wanted to be ideological or preachy about my personal dietary choices.But for various reasons—some health-related, some ethical and moral, and of course very inspired by my mother, who cured herself of diabetes with a vegan diet, we decided to “give it a try”.

There have been ups and downs. My husband children love that they feel lighter, have more energy, and get full faster. But, there are new tastes to get used to. There have been some great meals and some disasters. One thing that has helped is to involve the kids in meal choices. So, Eva and I watched some Youtube videos and came up with this morning’s breakfast: Chia Seed Pudding. Delicious!


But again, not wanting to be ideological (because that’s a sure-fire way to turn anyone off), my husband and I have made it clear to the children that it’s their choice. This is how we eat at home, but they must embark on their own dietary and nutritional journey.

Which brings me, I believe, to the most important aspect of any choice we make—respect for ourselves and others. We must respect our choices, even if others don’t, if they criticize it, make fun of it, denigrate it. We must also respect others’ choices. We are all different; we have different needs and we are all on our own journeys.

So I encourage you to seize the day, to be mindful and intentional about your choices and find the path that works for you.



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  1. I really like the photo of your chia breakfast. Have fun with the children, trying out new recipes and tastes. Pretty soon you might be doing a weekly video blog. I have found sharing vegan recipes is the fun part of this journey. The reward is better health. Keep up the good work! Have fun!


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