Finding your own path


Finding your own path

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks claims that there are three questions every reflective person should ask: Who am I? Why am I here? “How then shall I live?”

As we seek to answer these most fundamental questions we are often drawn to the cult of the expert, the teachers and political pundits and gurus who seem to know a lot more than we do. But, in this pluralistic society of ours, we are barraged with a cacophony of opinions competing for our attention and loyalty. So how do we know what to believe? And how can we find our own path?

We may listen to the arguments, read the studies, and seek advice, but we must remember that we tread this path alone. Every hero’s journey is a solitary one. And no one can answer these fundamental questions for you.

Whether we grow up in a home with specific beliefs or whether we grow up in a more open environment, it is important to choose our own particular path, even within the structure of an organized religion or culture. Wherever we are and however we live, we bring passion and authenticity to our lives when we venture out on our hero’s journey with our heart as our guide.



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One thought on “Finding your own path

  1. Hi Tara,

    What techniques or processes do you use to hear your own voice in a time where every piece of information is fighting for our attention? How do you regain control of your focus?


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