Stop playing small, and step into YOUR shoes, your life, not the roles you play and masks you wear. Stop planning how to be, and just be and let that, which is dormant, dance, sing, spread its wings.


The other day, my daughter came downstairs, and asked if she could read the following poem to me. Her poem really spoke to me. I heard her pain and frustration and desire simply to be who she is. Too often we diminish our inner light. But we do not serve ourselves or others when we dishonor the beauty and goodness within. I think about this especially now, with Hannukah just a few days away. So, whether you light candles for Hannukah or Kwanza or decorate your house with Christmas lights, perhaps you can think of the light within—seeing and honoring your light, and sharing it with those around you. Happy Holidays!



I want to scream

Pull myself out of this dream

The heat rising

Chemicals rising

Finding smoke, just to have it dying

If, only someone could…

Find the soldier in the weakness

If, only someone could…

Find the dragon in the sheep,


Don’t tell me I’m wrong to keep on trying

The hope is dying

I know what flying, is

I’m a dreamer

A heart seeker

There is a me out there that is made of bone

And maybe some day I’ll meet her

They say winter is cold

Spring is bold

And summer is made with a heart of gold


If my heart is pale

Pull me on without bail


Keep it quiet

‘Cause if they find it

They wouldn’t give a shshsh…..

I know I’m young and abnormal

I find that word way to formal

For me

You see

I do not care for the words you use that tie these strings to me

Me, I

Fate, die

Fear, cry

I hear these words every day

I’m scared to lose the time with me

That’s why you hear me speak

I spend my days with useless rays

That take up tic toc

The time that goes around the clock

All things must go at some time, you see

So you can fight it

But I don’t see why if

You can just let it be

I have no idea of the time I’ve spent pouring out my soul

Pen to paper

So free to me

I think they call it a diary

Goodbye, come again

Maybe I’ll share my hope and pain

But now, I have to go

A life waits for no one.


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