Sometimes, if we’re lucky, an unexpected wind will blow down our house of cards and will release us from the falsely secure enclosures into which we’ve put ourselves.

-Ali Schultz

I don’t think we realize how much time, effort, and even anxiety, we put into into creating and protecting these “falsely secure” structures—which we call our lives. This is precisely why we so terribly deal with change! We build these beautiful routines and lives and homes and relationships and bodies, and then change inevitably comes, and we are blind sighted. We are forced to deal with ourselves—beyond all the structures we’ve built. Building a good and just and beautiful life for ourselves, those around us, and those who will come after us is important! But, as we are building these lives, we should never forget that change is part of the equation. But rather than being terrified of change, maybe we can see change as our greatest ally, inviting us into deeper conversations with ourselves—asking us to question ourselves, our purpose or previously held notions, and maybe, if we are lucky, to push us to hitherto unimagined ennobled versions of ourselves.

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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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