Thought for the week…Just be zen!



fullsizeoutput_1845Rather than wandering around in problem-solving mode all day, thinking mainly of what you want to fix about yourself or your life, you can pause for a few moments throughout the day to marvel at what’s not broken.

-Kristin Neff


I don’t usually put drawings with my blog posts, but as I sat writing this week’s entry, my daughter texted me this drawing from school…and it seemed to match perfectly!


Yom Kippur—the Jewish Day of Atonement—is just a few days away. Whether you observe this holiday or not, I think most of us are pretty familiar with the inner critic…you know, that nasty voice that tells us all the things that are wrong with us. We might tell ourselves that the inner critic motivates us to get stuff done, but let’s be honest—all it does is leave us feeling cold, and lost and worthless.


Maybe we could take a different approach toward atonement or self-reflection or inner-work. Maybe we could start by marveling “at what’s not broken”. We could look at all the good in our lives and the good in us—at our gifts and strengths and all the good we’ve done. And then, with a foundation of self-love and self-compassion, we might have the emotional and mental clarity to see where we might have challenges or areas for growth—but seeing them as “areas for growth”, not horrible flaws intrinsic to our being.


If you are observing Yom Kippur, I wish you a good fast and encourage you maybe to take some time on this auspicious day to marvel at all that is good.

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