Clear Vision


Overall, I think the main thing a musician would like to do is give to the listener the many wonderful things he knows of and senses in the universe…That’s what I would like to do. I think that’s one of the greatest things you can do in life, and we all try to do that in some way. The musician’s is through his music.

-John Coltrane

I’ve been listening to John Coltrane lately. A lot. His music opens up vistas of understanding and experience. I’m like that child who wants to be picked up by her parent so that she can look over the fence and see what all the commotion is about. John Coltrane picks me up and helps me see the many things he knows of and senses in the universe. John Coltrane once told his wife that his playing was 90% prayer. Yes, that’s what I see—his devotion, his humanity, and his invitation to participate—to share the many wonderful things I know and sense in the universe! And that is when life becomes truly electric–multi-colored, multi-dimensional and deeply authentic. My prayer is that we would all cultivate our unique vision and find ways to share–in our own particular way–what we see and sense and experience.


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One thought on “Clear Vision

  1. What a wonderful bright inspiring post to read on a cloudy fall day – changing the gray of reality to the brilliance of hope and possibility. Thank you.


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