Month: January 2018

Never too late

It’s never too late to turn on the light. Your ability to break an unhealthy habit or turn off an old tape doesn’t depend on how long it has been running; a shift in perspective doesn’t depend on how long you’ve held on to the old view. -Sharon Salzberg We’ve all had those quiet moments of uncomfortable self-reflection, when we remember that stupid or … Read More Never too late

Awakening does not mean a change in difficulty, it means a change in how those difficulties are met. -Mark Epstein Many of us think that if we could just understand our problems, we could “get over them” and they’d eventually fade away. We go to therapy, to silent retreats and read self-help books—all of which are incredibly useful—but our difficulties don’t go away. And … Read More

Baby Steps

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is probably my favorite quotation by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and I know I’ve used it before in previous posts. But, in light of our recent observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I thought this … Read More Baby Steps

Perfect Calmness

If you want to obtain perfect calmness you should not be bothered by the various images you find in your mind. Let them come, and let them go. Then they will be under control. -Shunryu Suzuki   Whether we struggle to calm our mind during meditation, during a heated conversation, or even as we go about our day, we have probably all dealt with … Read More Perfect Calmness

Happy New Year

How we pay attention to the present moment largely determines the character of our experience and, therefore, the quality of our lives. -Sam Harris So we begin another year. On January 1, we rush to the gym, blend up a green smoothie, dedicate ourselves to be kinder to our loved ones, and start that long-ignored project. I’m all in favor of goals and to-do … Read More Happy New Year