Happy New Year


How we pay attention to the present moment largely determines the character of our experience and, therefore, the quality of our lives.

-Sam Harris

So we begin another year. On January 1, we rush to the gym, blend up a green smoothie, dedicate ourselves to be kinder to our loved ones, and start that long-ignored project. I’m all in favor of goals and to-do lists; how else do we get anything done? But, focusing too much on the future, keeps us from being in this moment. But, all we have ever have is this moment!

If we can be present in this moment–with all its challenges and highs and lows–all the while working toward a better future, we are better equipped to remain consistently present–in the ever-eternal now.  It’s not easy to find a balance, but I have found that one of the best ways to stay present is by engaging in a mindfulness practice—meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, or Tai Chi, to name a few. I encourage you to begin the year with a practice that works for you—one that allows you to ground in the present moment and reach for the stars.

Happy New Year!

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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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