Month: March 2018

Misery Loves Company

She loathed disloyalty, and there was no greater disloyalty than class betrayal. -JD Vance, from Hillbilly Elegy: a Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis The word hillbilly generally refers to an unsophisticated and oftentimes uneducated person from the Appalachian or sometimes Ozark Mountains. I grew up far from the Ozarks in sunny San Diego, but this statement from JD Vance’s memoir could … Read More Misery Loves Company

Showing Up

To end our suffering, we need to enter our pain. Robert Augustus Masters It’s not a popular message. We’d rather hear a message that promises Ten Steps to Ultimate Happiness or The Elixir that Will Solve All Your Problems. But, that’s not reality. Pain is part of our human experience. There is no avoiding it. But suffering, which is the story we attach to … Read More Showing Up

Another World

    There is certainly another world, but it is in this one. To find it, one must recognize it and proclaim it. Man must seek his future in the present, but not on earth, rather in the sky, within. -Paul Eluard We all have another world, an inner world rich with thoughts and feelings, dreams, stories and artistic passions. But, many of us don’t … Read More Another World

The Magic of Wholeness

    When we discover the magic of the world within, we stand in awe of ourselves. With that awe comes peace, satisfaction, and gratitude for our humanity. -Debbie Ford, The Dark Side of Light Chasers For some of us, it’s easy to embrace our positive qualities; for others it’s easier to embrace the negative ones. But, can we accept that we are ALL … Read More The Magic of Wholeness