The Magic of Wholeness



IMG_3240When we discover the magic of the world within, we stand in awe of ourselves. With that awe comes peace, satisfaction, and gratitude for our humanity.

-Debbie Ford, The Dark Side of Light Chasers

For some of us, it’s easy to embrace our positive qualities; for others it’s easier to embrace the negative ones. But, can we accept that we are ALL of it?

Usually not. Instead, we pick and choose and project fragmented images of ourselves to the world; in so doing, we reject and shut off the parts of ourselves. But these rejected parts don’t disappear. They scream out to us and eventually come to the surface as addictions, self-judgment or judgment of others, depression, a sense of dissatisfaction or disconnection with one’s life, or physical illness. But these symptoms are actually the intelligence of our being seeking wholeness!

A few days ago, my daughter quickly sketched this drawing. Afterwards, she said she didn’t like it; too rushed, she said. But, I think it was inspired. Though she didn’t know it, I think my daughter drew this to communicate something to me. When I look at this sketch, I see how I WANT to see myself—eyes closed, wind at my back, breathing in the warm air, at peace with my wholeness, and embracing all my traits: silly and mature, disciplined and lazy, ascetic and indulgent. Yes, all that and more.

My daughter’s drawing showed me that the darkest times in my life occurred when I rejected parts of myself, loving the good parts and hating the bad parts. I am learning not only to welcome ALL the parts but actually to be grateful for them, because it’s my greed that stands up for me when boundaries are being threatened; it’s my rigidity that keeps me committed to things I deeply believe in; and it’s my desire that keeps life interesting, passionate, and filled with creativity.

My mantra for today…eyes closed, wind at my back, breathing in the peace of wholeness…

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