Month: August 2018

The Whisper

  If you realize what the real problem is – losing yourself – you realize that this itself is the ultimate trial. -Joseph Campbell I can say, from personal experience, that the worst I’ve ever felt in my life was when I felt lost. And I don’t mean the good kind of lost—that feeling of flow we get when we are painting or riding … Read More The Whisper


Nostalgia is a luxury. -Zadie Smith, Swing Time I was a young and idealistic graduate student of Russian literature when I met my future husband in St. Petersburg. For our first date, we went to two museums—the Yusupov Palace and the Hermitage—and as we wandered through ornate rooms and past priceless treasures, I asked him if he was in love with Russia as much … Read More Nostalgia

Keep on Keeping on

  But man is not made for defeat…A man can be destroyed but not defeated. -Ernest Hemingway, Old Man and the Sea Hemingway’s Santiago is one of my favorite literary heroes. Old Man and the Sea tells the story of Santiago, an aging fisherman, who has failed to catch anything for 84 days straight. But, despite his failure to catch any fish, and despite … Read More Keep on Keeping on

Beauty in the world

We need more lovin’ We need more money, they say Change is gonna come Like the weather They say forever They say When they’re in between Notice the blue skies Notice the butterflies Notice me Stop and smell the flowers… There’s so much beauty in the world Always beauty in the world… -Macy Gray, Beauty in the World Today is election-day in Missouri. Walking … Read More Beauty in the world