Beauty in the world


We need more lovin’

We need more money, they say

Change is gonna come

Like the weather

They say forever

They say

When they’re in between

Notice the blue skies

Notice the butterflies

Notice me

Stop and smell the flowers…

There’s so much beauty in the world

Always beauty in the world…

-Macy Gray, Beauty in the World

Today is election-day in Missouri. Walking into the polls this morning to cast my vote, I passed numerous signs and billboards promising a better future. And it got me thinking…

Macy Gray, with her rich and raspy voice expresses how I feel about this election day and—even more—about our current political climate in her song, Beauty in the World. Regardless of ones political affiliation, I think you’d be hard pressed to find someone who is not dissatisfied with the state of affairs. And so we cling to politicians’ promises of a better future. But what about now? How do we deal with today?

It is imperative that we live with conviction and purpose and recognize our responsibility to be a part of this better future we wish to see. At the same time, if we are only focused on this unclear future, we can lose sight of the blessings (even in the midst of trials and tribulations) in our midst.

Perhaps we can lighten our emotional load a bit by looking up, and noticing the blue skies or flowers in bloom, by embracing those we love, by savoring a good meal, enjoying a bubble bath or yoga class, or appreciating all the little acts of kindness we witness every day. Because, even while there is pain and sorrow and war much that needs to change, there is beauty in the world.

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