Letting go


The art of meditation is to let go of the meditator.


Being aware without judgment is not easy. Instinctively, our mind perceives and labels things as good and bad, necessary and unnecessary, should and shouldn’t, and sometimes we even get to the point where we wish we were in charge! And the result, as most spiritual paths explain, is the root cause of our suffering—our inability to accept what is.

This is what Adyashanti is referring to here. The meditator is the egoic controlling mind that manipulates its experience, that thinks it knows best, that blames, that is motivated by fear and shame, and that struggles to see the big picture. And meditation, for Adyashanti, isn’t something we do twenty minutes a day on the mat; meditation is a radical shift in how we see ourselves and our relationship to our world–every moment of the day!

By letting go of the meditator, we are able to soften and open to deep and powerful energies that bring clarity, wisdom, perspective and healing and love. It’s not easy, so we trust the process and we take baby steps and we go slowly—one breath at a time.

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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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