Month: October 2018

The Whistling Flower

When I returned from Rome A bird took flight. And a flower in a field whistled at me As I passed. I drank From a stream of clear water And at night the sky untied her hair and I fell Asleep Clutching a tress Of God’s. When I returned from Rome, all said “Tell us the great news”, And with great excitement I did: … Read More The Whistling Flower

Whole Experience

  I am thinking of the moment something dies, and how we instinctively know it, and of how we try not to know what we know, because we do not yet understand how we are to negotiate change. -From Alice Walker’s, Now is the Time to Open Your Heart   Here, the main character from Walker’s novel is speaking with her friend and reflecting … Read More Whole Experience

Fear and love

I was born when all I once feared—I could love. -Rabia What are we afraid of? It varies from person to person. We have our own personal stories and trauma and regrets and aspirations. And there are archetypal fears and existential and psychological fears. But what seems to be at the root of most fears is the desire to be in control—of one’s life, … Read More Fear and love

Awaken the heart

How wonderful it would be if one could only be worthy of hearing the song of the grass. Each blade of grass sings out to God without any ulterior motive and without expecting reward. …One should meditate in a grassy field, for grass will awaken the heart. -Rabbi Nachman of Breslov I love walking my dog, especially in the quiet hours of the morning, … Read More Awaken the heart