Awaken the heart


How wonderful it would be if one could only be worthy of hearing the song of the grass. Each blade of grass sings out to God without any ulterior motive and without expecting reward. …One should meditate in a grassy field, for grass will awaken the heart.

-Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

I love walking my dog, especially in the quiet hours of the morning, before the city has awakened. Long before the streets are filled with honking horns and disposable coffee cups, I can commune with the singing birds and rustling leaves.

And something magical always happens! I am reminded that each blade of grass sings out to God. And not only each blade of grass—but the trees and leaves and puddles of rain! And I am gently and lovingly reminded of the holiness of all things and all beings.

Sometimes in the busy-ness of our lives, we forget the song of the grass. Let us take Rabbi Nachman’s advice and find our own metaphorical grassy field to awaken the heart and remember the sanctity of all beings.

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