Fear and love


I was born when all I once feared—I could love.


What are we afraid of? It varies from person to person. We have our own personal stories and trauma and regrets and aspirations. And there are archetypal fears and existential and psychological fears. But what seems to be at the root of most fears is the desire to be in control—of one’s life, of others’ lives, of the political climate or environment. And, while we can do our part—and we must do our part to effect change and progress in the world—we have far less control that we realize. It seems, then, that it would be wise to direct our efforts to being aware of and in sync with the reality of the moment. If I accept the moment—with all of its joys and sorrows and ups and downs—my fear of not having the outcome I want will be transformed into love of what is. So we breathe deeply and start small, and with time and practice the love will grow and grow and grow…

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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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