Month: November 2018

What is essential?

The child of tomorrow I realized may actually be ahead of us in sensing not what is new but what is essential. -Pico Iyer How often do we ask ourselves this question? Usually we are too busy, so it’s only when life throws us a curve ball that we are invited to step back and re-think what we think. Or, you can have a … Read More What is essential?

Raining Kindness

What keeps us alive, what allows us to endure? I think it is the hope of loving, or being loved. I heard a fable once about the sun going on a journey to find its source and how the moon wept without her lover’s warm gaze. We weep when light does not reach our hearts. We wither like fields if someone close does not … Read More Raining Kindness

Laughter and Treats

I naively believe that self-love is 80 percent of the solution, that it helps beyond words to take yourself through the day as you would with your most beloved mental-patient relative, with great humor and lots of small treats. -Anne Lamott I love reading Anne Lamott. Her books are tonic for the weary soul. They make me laugh and cry—and usually both at the … Read More Laughter and Treats

Beautiful Noise

There are a lot of good people…but they keep quiet about it. It’s the bad ones who make a lot of noise and that’s why they get noticed. -Isabel Allende, from “The Japanese Lover” I sometimes feel like the bad ones are winning, that it’s a done deal and I should just give up. And then someone gives me the right of way on … Read More Beautiful Noise

Primary Factor

In any situation and in whatever you do your state of consciousness is the primary factor. The situation and what you do is secondary. -Eckhart Tolle It has been a rough week on the world scene. And here in America, we have mid-term elections next week. Many of us, sensitive to the changes in our midst, feel jittery, sad, anxious, at times hopeful and … Read More Primary Factor