I think therefore I am?


Thinking is only a small part of our consciousness.

-Eckhart Tolle


Most of us would agree with Descartes statement: I think therefore I am. The unconscious process goes something like this—when a thought arises, whether it is as simple as I really want another piece of cake or as reproachful as I’m a horrible friend, we usually accept it as truth. Then, when enough similar thoughts accumulate, they turn into feelings, and before we know it, our general emotional and mental state is fixed! And then we believe that we are good, fat, friendly, smart…fill in the blank.


But what if Eckhart Tolle is right, and not Descartes? What if, instead of being our thoughts, we are the awareness of our thoughts, the consciousness behind the thoughts? What if every thought could be questioned?


Then we would gradually stop being our own worst enemy, and the conscious process would go something like this—when a thought arises, we would step back and look at our thoughts as one looks at clouds in the sky. We wouldn’t instantly accept the thought as true, and instead we would ask if this thought were true or relevant or beneficial. Then, we’d make our decision, and go from there. And instead of being anxious or angry or frustrated, there would be more flow, more ease, more peace. And probably a lot more laughter…because some of the stuff our mind comes up with is down right hilarious!

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