Month: May 2019

Letting the Soul Lead

The soul selects her own society. -Emily Dickenson Loneliness is felt most profoundly when are alienated from ourselves, when we are disconnected from our soul. And though we may ignore its quiet nudging and whispering in our ear, our soul is always there–inviting us back into union. And just how does the soul do this? By, as Dickenson says, selecting her own society.  The soul … Read More Letting the Soul Lead

The beauty of being

  Our job is not to expose the mystery; it is to participate in it. -Mark Nepo   Mysteries can be very threatening. They shake our supposed firm footing and supposed understanding of ourselves and everything around us. And we often think that things have no purpose if we can’t categorize them or draw profound life lessons from them.   In response, we expend … Read More The beauty of being

Saying Yes!

  There is something wonderfully bold and liberating about saying yes to our entire imperfect and messy life. -Tara Brach   We’ve all got them—fears, pain, triggers, bad memories, hopes and desires. This is part of what makes us human, and what has kept our species going generation after generation.   It’s not the presence of challenges or even our dislike of them that … Read More Saying Yes!