Month: June 2019

Flawed and Free

…When you move I’m put to mind of all I wanna be When you move I could never define all that you are to me So move me, baby Shake the bough of a willow tree You do it naturally Move me, baby -Hozier, from “Movement” This morning I watched a man hug trees. Just north of Gordon Beach, there is a part of … Read More Flawed and Free

Trouble No More

Trouble, trouble, trouble all about my soul As soon as my feet touch down I won’t be in trouble no more. -Cary Ann Heart, from “Trouble About my Soul” A few days ago on my morning walk, this song appeared on my playlist. A suggestion from my daughter, I’d never heard it before, but the song resonated profoundly—partially because I heard the lyrics incorrectly. … Read More Trouble No More

An expansive life!

  He had never been so anxious for the arrival of a woman he did not want to see. -David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest It’s difficult to find a more visceral description of the horrors of addiction than in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Wallace’s character is frustrated with his addiction to marijuana, so he repeatedly tried to quit—which amounts to smoking up the … Read More An expansive life!

It’s Actually Very Good!

I’ve been watching stars rely on the darkness they resist. And fish struggle with and against the current. And hawks glide faster when their wings don’t move. Still I keep retelling what happens will it comes out the way I want. We try so hard to be the main character when it is our point of view that keeps us from the truth. The … Read More It’s Actually Very Good!