Beautiful Truths


I know now that these conquerors, like many others before them, and no doubt like others after, gave the speeches not to voice the truth, but to create it.

-Laila Lalami, “The Moor’s Account”


While Laila Lalami’s beautifully written fictional memoir about a Moroccan slave explores the themes of racism and greed, what struck me when I read this sentence, was the power of storytelling, the power of the stories we tell ourselves.


We think our thoughts are true. But are they? Certainly not all of them. Not the ones that shame us or blame us or make us feel icky and lost and confused. But those are most often the ones we cling to.


But what if we stepped back for a second, and thought about some truths we’d actually like to believe, ones that are filled with hope and confidence and love? Is it so hard to think positive thoughts? To create truths that make us feel good?

No, I don’t think it’s hard, but too often we have the habit of seeing the worst and believing the worst and making stories out of these things.


Let’s change that! Let’s see our lives as blank slates. Let’s see every moment as a golden opportunity to start anew. Lets challenge ourselves to feel good by saying good things to ourselves. And maybe, baby step by baby step, we will create new beautiful stories, new beautiful truths.

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