Be Kinder. Always.


Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always.



When we are hurting, it’s hard to imagine how others can’t also be hurting. And when we are joyful, we can be oblivious to the pain of others. But, in reality, we are all universes unto ourselves. We all carry pain and trauma and petty annoyances and blessings.


Often, we are so internally focused that we fail to recognize all these universes, and sometimes we can very reasonably get frustrated and even angry. But, maybe the driver who cut you off just lost his job. Maybe the checker at the supermarket had a fight with her child. Maybe someone is sick. Maybe someone is just in a bad mood and needs a little forbearance. Wouldn’t we want someone to cut us some slack too?

The old forget what it was like to be young and the young think the old are irrelevant. This group criticizes that group, marriages dissolve, and nations and religions go to war over disagreements.


We can’t fix all relationships and international disputes today, but maybe we can be kinder to the people we encounter. Maybe we can give someone the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we can send some love and good wishes and let go of some of our self-righteousness. And be kinder. Always.

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