Month: November 2019

Untold Stories

We carry countless untold stories within us. And kept secret, some of these stories can feel like a burden. They can reinforce feelings of shame and fear. And they can make us feel terribly alone.   While it is unwise to be an open book to all, it is important—and even necessary—that we have safe and supportive and loving relationships where we can share … Read More Untold Stories

If it ain’t broke…

  Many of us carry a false belief that we are broken.   And we respond either by trying to fix the brokenness or—when we are overwhelmed—by avoiding whatever upsetting emotion or situation that is triggering us.   But this premise is wrong! We are not broken. We are human beings navigating our way through this mysterious journey, and we are figuring it out … Read More If it ain’t broke…

Branches and Roots

  A beautiful and powerful metaphor we experience in autumn is watching leaves transform from bright and shiny and green to rich yellows and oranges and reds. And then, we watch them fall, shrivel up, and be washed away by rain or snow.   Birth and death. Beginning and end. And we are equally multidimensional. We are beautiful and generous and loving; we can … Read More Branches and Roots