If it ain’t broke…



Many of us carry a false belief that we are broken.


And we respond either by trying to fix the brokenness or—when we are overwhelmed—by avoiding whatever upsetting emotion or situation that is triggering us.


But this premise is wrong! We are not broken. We are human beings navigating our way through this mysterious journey, and we are figuring it out as we go along.


And the way we figure it out is by staying present with our felt experience. We don’t numb out or disassociate when things upset us. We go inward and seek to discover our unhealthy patterns.


But see—I say unhealthy pattern, not problem, because there is a difference. You are not broken. You are not a problem. You are a beautiful creation of the universe, a work in progress, a life evolving.

Published by Musings

Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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