Month: December 2019


You may be thinking…hardly a festive post for Hannukah Christmas Eve! But, actually there is nothing more relevant when ‘tis the season for family togetherness.   For those particularly challenging relationships, we may think that avoidance is the best course of action. And in some cases, especially when it is clear that your thoughts and feelings will be maligned, it is the best course … Read More Conversations


  It is easy to convince ourselves of our rightness. There is confirmation bias, the echo chamber, memories and tribes and self-fulfilling prophesies—all which lock us in mental prison.   And these mental prisons are dangerous! They fill us with passionate vitriol that inhibit our ability to question ourselves or converse with those who have differing opinions. Just turn on the news in the … Read More Rightness

True Nature

Our true nature is more than all the details of our lives or the particulars of our personhood. We are, as they said in Kabbalah, a spark of the Divine. And, while we are more than the ups and downs of our daily lives, it is precisely through these ups and downs that we access the Divine within.   And this means both ups … Read More True Nature

Chaos and Order

Throughout our lives we experience many moments of chaos, which in turn give rise to order, until it is again time to let go, restructure and rebuild.   Yet all too often we see chaos as bad, as an unwelcomed force that disturbs the peace of our lives. We are convinced that everything is exactly as it should be, and then we are hit … Read More Chaos and Order