I need to re-learn this very simple truth every day!


Because…despite all the hours of meditation and books read and therapy and deep and life-changing conversations—we are human and we love and care and we easily get caught. We get caught by pain from our childhood, ideas of who we think we are supposed to be, by physical pain and emotional pain, by lack of sleep and too much chocolate or wine the night before, by our children, our spouses, our furry friends….The list is endless.


Living a mindful life is not about never getting caught; it’s about returning over and over and over again. We can’t avoid difficulty—even if we escape to a cave we will still have our thoughts—which are probably the greatest of our challenges!


So, Happy 2020—a new year, a time for creating new habits and starting over. And, I think maybe one of these new habits we should cultivate actually has two parts: the first part involves making the intention to be present (i.e. not resistant to reality!) and the second part involves having compassion for ourselves when we do resist, and maybe actually the third part would be to recognize that this cycle will probably repeat itself several times throughout the day.






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