“Whoever listens to a witness becomes a witness.” Elie Wiesel

As a Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel witnessed far more than many of us will ever have to. And he transformed the lives of so many by inviting us all into the details of his heart and mind. One can not read Wiesel and not be changed; his words leave no room for a passive response. But this quote does not solely ask for us to be a witness. We are also being asked to tell our own stories. The act of sharing a personal story brings healing to both the storyteller and the witness. By telling our stories we demonstrate the courage of vulnerability, and in so doing we encourage others to share their stories. And the act of storytelling gives us space to heal–personally and collectively. You’ve got a story within you. So does your neighbor. Let us all become witnesses to each others stories, and be transformed in the telling of our tales.

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