Care—of all kinds

“You are not broken, in need of fixing.Rather, you are deeply hurt, in need of care.”

-Arielle Schwartz

So many of us are hurting right now—whether from the lockdowns or illness or financial challenges or isolation or the presence of old traumas triggered the current state of our world. Let’s just be honest—it’s hard right now, downright painful at times—not all of the time, but enough that we can at times feel overwhelmed. And many of us interpret our pain as a weakness, and maybe think if we had just meditated more or not eaten that ice cream or kept a gratitude journal that we wouldn’t feel our pain. There are definitely skills we need to add to our “well being toolbox” but some days are just hard and on these days we need care—all kinds of care—minus the self-harming and illegal variants of course! We need warm baths and loving self talk. We need good movies and reaching out to a friend. We need to be ok needing another and we need to remind ourselves that this too shall pass.

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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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