Stepping Stones…building my team

“There are no steps, just stepping stones.”

Gabor Mate

I have begun building my team–my intersecting, eclectic, multi-talented support team. These are the thinkers and philosophers and poets and friends and family who inspire me, teach me, guide me, open my heart, and help me hold my pain, and give me the strength to hold the collective pain. There’s Maya Angelou and Rumi and Rilke and Mary Oliver. And William James and Gabor Mate and Kristin Neff and Dick Schwartz, and Jung of course. And my mom, and my good friends, and my husband and children. For so long, I wanted someone to point the way, clear the path for me and give me those easy-to-follow steps. But, as Gabor Mate points out, there are no steps. We get glimpses and pointers, but it’s up to us to figure out what works, what resonates, what heals. But one thing I am sure of–we can’t do it alone. We need to build our teams so that we hold each other–all our pain, all our joy, all our love.

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