Trying it On

“My worth started with me trying on my faith.” -Sarah Jakes Roberts

In a recent interview, when asked how she created her sense of self-worth, after years of insecurity and self-hatred, Sarah Jakes Roberts replied with the above quote. She went on to explain that at first she didn’t believe she was worthy of love or respect or that she had anything valuable to contribute to the world, but she decided to begin living AS IF she did. And slowly things began to change.

I can relate.

I think life is a lot like the children’s game Chutes and Ladders—you try to climb up the ladders but with one unfortunate roll of the dice you’re back at the beginning. Sometimes I feel like my spiritual journey is like that…years of prayer and meditation and yoga and then life surprises me with loss or change or transition and I’m back in the trenches—doubting my self worth, my purpose, my parenting skills—heck I even doubt whether I drive or cook well. WTF???

And no amount of mantra repetition or chakra breathing changes those old tapes in my head.

Hopeless…and that’s when it gets scary, but actually that’s when I cry out and say—God help me, God who am I and why am I here and what is all this sorrow in my midst??? And I hear—you are magnificent, destined for greatness, the world needs you and your beauty and passion and unique talents and skills. And then I say to myself—well, even though don’t feel this, what if you acted AS IF you did? How would you live? What choices would you make? How big or small would you live? And then I can take baby steps…

We can’t always feel confident or loved or worthy but maybe—in the dark night of the soul moments of our lives, we can “try on our faith”, we can reach out to loved ones to remind us of our better selves and we can remember to love and honor wherever we are.

So wherever you are—high or low or somewhere in between, think about trying on your faith, reach out to others for support and love and be there for others when they need you.



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