I love the music of Jon Baptiste!

His songs remind me to give space to the fullness of life—all the pain, all the joy. It’s all true. Sometimes at the same time.

But what about those feelings about others? The ones we love? But who also hurt us? That’s tough, and often we fear feeling anger or frustration toward our loved one is disloyal.

No feeling is bad! Feelings just are.

And they deserve our attention. Because if we suppress them, they will probably come out in language and behavior that don’t match whatever triggered them.

So stop being silent to yourself.

This doesn’t necessarily mean we should confront those who have hurt us; that is a whole other conversation!  What I am talking about here is honoring all of your feelings. And going one step further—seeing them as beautiful and Divine messengers, as truth-tellers and guides, and kind friends.

And letting them speak to us, and speaking to them, and maybe like Jon Baptiste, singing them:

When I feel down and out, Or under a heavy cloud, When I don’t wanna talk, I let my burdens off, And I sing.

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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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