You Are Extraordinary

I am believing more and more in synchronicity. Yesterday started out a bit rough, and I was processing it all with my morning cup o’ Joe and journaling and listening to my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. And three songs in, Victory’s You are Extraordinary came on. And instantly I was hooked.

I was hooked with the first words, It’s a lonely place to be, when people just don’t understand me.

You mean, I’m not the only one that feels that? You mean, it’s ok to feel lonely? And say it? Out loud for everyone to hear?

Apparently, Victory (and by the way, isn’t that an awesome name????) believes it’s ok and her honesty and vulnerability gave me permission to shed some morning tears. And her honesty and vulnerability reached out to me and reminded me that life is filled with moments of being seen and moments of being invisible, misunderstood, judged. By others. By ourselves.

And it’s ok. To shed some tears. To touch the fragility of life. And feel the tenderness of our hearts. And our desire for connection. And it’s important to honor our precious souls and all the fascinating and quirky and amazing parts of ourselves.

Toward the end of her song, Victory poses a question, Will I sacrifice myself to become like everyone else or will I rise? And in the final words of her song, she finds the answer, I will love myself.

That is the question we face every day. Will I awaken to be the true me? Will I love myself, all of myself? Not fake conditional curated love that comes with expectations and ultimatums. But the all-embracing love that sees and accepts all.

I think I’ll go for the all-bracing love. The one that reminds me that I am extraordinary. And so are you.

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