Allowing Means Allowing

Allowing Means Allowing

Allowing means allowing, says Pema Chodron, when teaching a meditation that encourages the practitioner to sit with all that is. Allowing not just the good thoughts and sensations. But all that arises—all the fear and shame and insecurity. And not to try to fix it. Or transform it. Or judge it. Just allow it to be.

And then?

And then there are a number of responses—mantras, visualizations, affirmations that one can evoke to hold all that is. One can think of God or a beloved friend or family member or a loved pet or even the beauty and grandeur of the universe holding all that we are—our thoughts and emotions and stories, our past and present—in a loving and compassionate embrace. We simply imagine ourselves being held.

Most of my suffering comes from resisting whatever it is that I am experiencing, whether it is a thought or feeling, a physical sensation, or even an old played-out storyline I am calling up—again. What happens is I feel something unpleasant and I try to get as far away from it as I can—either with self-judgy talk or with a diversion or escape masquerading as spirituality. Basically—I try to avoid pain and seek pleasure.

But that isn’t possible.

All we can do is our best. Every moment. Be kind and loving to ourselves. Be kind and loving to others. Learn. Move on. Forgive. And allow to be what is. With love and compassion. And then, our mind can open to all that is. We can soften our resistance and be more present in our lives.  

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