The Trickiness of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is tricky. Too often, when referring to self-forgiveness, it is equated with a lack of self-reflection. As if the only way to forgive oneself is to deny the gravity of what occurred. It just feels too bad to remember that…stuff, especially when that stuff involved another person, and especially when that person is someoneContinue reading “The Trickiness of Forgiveness”

If the Angel Deigns to Come…

Writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez is claimed to have said that the longer he knew his wife, the less he knew her. It’s not that familiarity breeds contempt; it’s that familiarity fools us into believing we are experts. And we stop observing. I’ve spent quite a few years being less observant. But, so much is changing…theContinue reading “If the Angel Deigns to Come…”