Happy 2023. May it be a blessed year for us all!

May it also be a year of honesty. Starting with ourselves. Starting with asking ourselves, how are you really? And I mean really.  Whatever you are feeling. I mean whatever.

Because that is where the suffering/struggle starts…that first flicker of a feeling that feels bad and we go straight to judgment. Oh come on…stop being negative, think of all your blessings, others have it worse…blah blah blah…While some of this may be true, it doesn’t really matter. Because it doesn’t address the felt experience. All it does is communicate, you don’t have a right to your experience.

And that’s what I’m sitting with this New Year. So, even though the whole beginning of the calendar year write a list of resolutions feels contrived, I find myself wanting to make a shift. Wanting to change the way I’ve been relating to myself. Wanting to find a way to hold the totality of my felt experience and honor the whole shebang—past and present—all the pain, all the questions, all the beauty, all the blessings and bliss and gratitude…all of it. To make space for it. Not to rush to answers. Or even peace and fluffy-bunny-joy. I’m talking about keeping it real.

Which doesn’t mean being negative.

It means being real. It means real joy. Real sorrow. Real confusion and fear and despair. And real connection. And real moments of such happiness that you don’t think your heart can hold it all.

In her poetry collection “Hybrida”, Tina Chang explores through hybrid poetic forms the hybrid nature of life. The hybrid nature of her feelings. She writes, Hybrida is the change of properties. Long ago the earth plates shifted, came together in new permutations. New land. New World. It permits a space to be wounded, sutured, broken again, and untied to float to a beyond.

And that is what we are; we are earth shifting, coming together in new permutations. And it would serve us to give ourselves space to be wounded, and then healed and then wounded again. Such is the nature of life…not all sorrow, not all joy…moments of everything.

And that is what we are here to do…live all of it. In all its hybrida.

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Certified Life Coach Certified Nutritionist Certified Yoga Instructor Certified Naturopath

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