Addiction to Perfection

When we are addicted we can never get enough of the thing we crave and our concept of nourishment can contract into a survival-based longing for more, coupled with a primal experience of not enough. -author Christine Caldwell Society condemns most addictions: drugs, alcohol, food, cigarettes. But what about addiction to something society nominally encourages,Continue reading “Addiction to Perfection”

Emotional Vampires

When encountering emotional vampires, see what you can learn…You can simply feel tortured, resentful, and impotent. Or, as I try to do, ask yourself, “How can this interchange help me grow?” -Judith Orloff Emotional vampires are everywhere: in your family, at work, amongst friends and acquaintances, and they can easily sap you of your energyContinue reading “Emotional Vampires”


Healthy, resilient boundaries feed upon themselves, so that the more vibrant they are, the more they develop…once you become strong in your boundaries, they become more porous; love and caring flow more easily between yourself and others. -Philip Moffitt, “Setting Personal Boundaries” Many of us struggle with establishing and honoring our boundaries. Raising the subjectContinue reading “Boundaries”

Thought Experiment

Thought Experiment: a test in which one imagines the practical outcome of a hypothesis when physical evidence may not be available. -Collins American Dictionary  While flying recently, I met a Chemistry graduate student who was on her way back home after attending a conference. She eagerly shared her ideas about wave theory and its practicalContinue reading “Thought Experiment”