The Poem We’re Writing…

The Israeli elections??? WTF…? No, no, can’t…even begin… So, here’s a more manageable question—what do Taylor Swift, Ross Gay and Marie Howe have in common? About a week ago, my husband and I were sitting in our a-miracle-we-even-got-it appointment at The Ministry of Absorption, which—I know, sounds a bit Harry Potter-ish. This was an importantContinue reading “The Poem We’re Writing…”

The Heart Asks Pleasure First

It’s hard to fight the impulse that something is wrong—with the day, a situation, me. Life. And that better is just around the bend. And, while I’m all about goals and lists and discipline, I am coming to an understanding of just how toxic this can be—this conditional acceptance of things. Because it sort ofContinue reading “The Heart Asks Pleasure First”