Nina, UK:
Yael has a rare clarity to see things the way they are, the discipline to stay with whatever presents itself, and the courage and wisdom to transform. With deep compassion, Yael can hold others’ difficulties and walk together through the darkness which itself brings light and hope and even humor! Thank you Yael for being there during the most challenging times and seeing these obstacles as opportunities to grow. As Yael encourages us to move through the process, one grows more whole, more independent and into self acceptance.

Helen, US:
“I’m always amazed by how Yael can understand and identify with my feelings and situation. It’s comforting and inspiring hearing her feedback each time. I’m allowed to feel what I feel, and guided to make the best out of it with her practical suggestions.”

Kelli, US:
Yael is a wonderful teacher who has expanded my mind to a greater consciousness. She has shown me how to reconnect with the Divine and to trust that everything will happen exactly as it is supposed to. Her guidance and insight are priceless.

Frances, US:
In conversations with Yael, I am amazed how she can take a simple conversation and turn it into amazing emotional and spiritual insights. She listens, she asks questions and before I know it; I have gained such clarity about myself and why I react in certain situation the way I do.

Jennifer, Paris:
Yael provided incredible support and guidance and helped me stay tuned in with myself and accept all the emotions transpiring so that I could stay present while also being patient.” Jennifer, Paris

Gina, UK:
” My life coaching sessions with Yael were completely transformational and manifested in the most rewarding experiences. I would highly recommend her as a life coach for everyone who wants to make changes in their lives but lacks the time to do it your own – with her help you will make this happen in no time!”